Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bedding Dilemma

Writing this blog has definitely made me start checking some things off our "to-do" list.  This weekend while visiting my mother I browsed through T J Maxx looking for some bedroom decor.  With my husband at home it made things a lot easier, you see my husband likes to think of himself as a part-time interior designer at the Turner residence [it just kills me].  We can never agree on anything!  Usually I just give in - let him get his way and later after he realizes when mommy's happy...everyone's happy, I whip out the debit card and go to work.

When faced with the multitude of bedding options I started to question my original plan.  Comforters, quilts, duvets, bedspreads, blankets, OH MY!  What's a girl to do when faced with so many options.  Instead of having an anxiety attack I decided to go with what my husband and I originally discussed [I know you thought I made all the decisions right?!].  My husband and I have loved quilts as our bedding choice every since our honeymoon.  We stayed at a great beach house in the Outer Banks with modern "beachy" quilts, that were far from grandma's country decor! Quilts are classic and hold up great over time unlike my experience with comforters, light weight while still providing the same amount of warmth of a comforter.  Luckily I found a quilt that caught my eye that had two matching shams, grabbed some accent pillows and doing so all while trying to control a very bossy, out-of-control two year old.  So after all of that here is how it turned out...



I really need to start taking pictures with a decent camera, but my phone is always so handy.  We still need to paint so that is a blog in progress along with the other million and one things on our "to-do" list to make our house a home.  Hopefully we can strip the buffet one more time and then start painting...our new sofas get delivered Saturday, so I have to go and crack the whip on my husband ;-)

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dish it...

My half bathroom needs some lovin'!  I'm really looking forward to painting some horizontal stripes inspired by this post from YHL.  For now I'm thinking my toilet looks a little bare and needs something.  So I went to my in-house "decor store" and grabbed a few things...a basket, clear vase [with some left over Valentine's Day buds] and a serving dish. 







After just 5 minutes of grabbing a few items I already owned [oh and by the way I scored the serving dish at Marshalls for just $3.00 on clearance] I added a little something-something to by bare toilet for a little added decor until I can find the time to paint those stripes.

After living in our house for a little over seven months, we have decided that the furniture that we originally picked out for our living room will need to find a new home.  Even though it's the most comfortable furniture we've ever owned and I love it that we both have our own sofa while watching TV, it's just too damn BIG.  There are only two ways we can arrange our living room which is a pretty big space, but is now taken up by two large pieces of furniture.  I also wanted to brighten up our living room a bit so instead we brought two new sofas that are lighter in color and smaller than the first two.  My husband even pointed out that the new furniture will look great with the new buffet, especially with the color that we have chosen.

We're going from two of these...

To two of these...

Hopefully we will finish the buffet this weekend...fingers crossed!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Manic Monday

Every Monday day is always hectic for me and my little family.  It always starts with the 3 or 4 alarm clocks going off while my husband plays dead and I'm searching for his phone to cut the alarm off, next the alarm on my nightstand, which is set 15 to 20 minutes early (WHY...it doesn't make us move any faster?), and my Granny ringing my phone non-stop until I finally answer.  Shower then getting the little one ready just in time to grab some coffee and haul ass to work ;-).  This is the Turner family way, every day, all the time!  My mom gets on me constantly about getting up earlier, but I think I like the thrill of it!  With that being said my days are always crazy and interesting even when I think they're not. With a two year old running around and Daddy still at work I still made time to finish a little task in our office last night.  I had brought some cork tiles this weekend and thought that instead of having boring ol' cork tiles I would "jazz" them up a bit.  So I pulled out my bag of goodies [yes I have my own toolbox that my husband has sort-of taken over] and got started.

A little painter's tape...

Some paint...

Oh and that lovely door is now our desk.

My husband added some molding, legs and paint and all under $25

This is what is behind the desk...it needs something - paint, board and batten, stencil work [so many options!]

 Until next time....

Monday, February 20, 2012

To Keep You Interested...

I failed to post this one so here it is.  While shopping at one of my new found spots thanks to Young House Love I found this lovely white door.  So guess what I will be doing with this...

A steal for $5 after a half off discount :-)

Also during another shopping trip to TJ Maxx, I found some decor on sale [the words my husband loves to hear] $3.36 for everything! 

The glass vase was originally $14.99, the large ceramic vases were $9.99 and the smaller one was $5.99.  Can we say bargain shopper!
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Strippers for the Weekend

So we finally found the time to work on our buffet from my previous post.  We originally brought an electric sander for the task of removing the awful stain/paint, but we quickly realized that was a little too powerful...so much for power tools on this one.  So we rolled up our sleeves and dove right in.  The stripper says to allow it to sit for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, so my husband figured he would just apply the product while we had dinner and get to it after that.  We quickly realized that once it dries it's harder to scrap off the stain [duh?].  You want to make sure the product you're removing has had adequate time to bubble and then the scrapping can begin.  It gets really messy so make sure that you have some type of drop cloth or plastic down while doing this.  It's really starting to come along although we still need to apply one more application of Citristrip to get off the sticky residue the stain left behind.  So although we aren’t completely done with the task, I decided that 3:15 am meant it was time to put the scrapper down and throw in the towel for the night. And do some finger stretching (I seriously had cramped up hand-claws).
After some serious elbow grease.

We've even chosen a paint color.  We happened to be out shopping and found a gallon of this paint color for only $8.40, which originally cost $34.99.  Talk about a deal!
 Benjamin Moore's Bear Creek 1470

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