Monday, February 20, 2012

Strippers for the Weekend

So we finally found the time to work on our buffet from my previous post.  We originally brought an electric sander for the task of removing the awful stain/paint, but we quickly realized that was a little too much for power tools on this one.  So we rolled up our sleeves and dove right in.  The stripper says to allow it to sit for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, so my husband figured he would just apply the product while we had dinner and get to it after that.  We quickly realized that once it dries it's harder to scrap off the stain [duh?].  You want to make sure the product you're removing has had adequate time to bubble and then the scrapping can begin.  It gets really messy so make sure that you have some type of drop cloth or plastic down while doing this.  It's really starting to come along although we still need to apply one more application of Citristrip to get off the sticky residue the stain left behind.  So although we aren’t completely done with the task, I decided that 3:15 am meant it was time to put the scrapper down and throw in the towel for the night. And do some finger stretching (I seriously had cramped up hand-claws).
After some serious elbow grease.

We've even chosen a paint color.  We happened to be out shopping and found a gallon of this paint color for only $8.40, which originally cost $34.99.  Talk about a deal!
 Benjamin Moore's Bear Creek 1470

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