Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This weekend I did a little quick and easy One-Hour(ish) project with some left over materials from the wall panel project.  I believe that everything should have its own place, especially keys, coats, my purse, etc. when you come in the door.  I figured I could hook something up and I did! 

Materials Used....

(1) piece of left over MDF  $0 {from wall panel project}
(1) foam brush  $0 {already had from another project - I will share that later!}
Clark + Kensington Paint - Ultra White Paint   $0 {from wall panel project]}
Pratt & Lambert Paint Sample - Sea Forge  $0 {left over from another project - I will share that later!}
(3) Chrome hooks  $0 {had hanging up at our old house}

Total Project Cost:  $0.00 - LOVE IT!

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Get out the grill it's Spring ya'll!

I'm always trying to get things accomplished while my little one is in daycare because we never know how she may act [that's a whole notha story :-)].  So I usually head out to Target, Lowe's, HomeGoods, where ever really to pick up whatever is on my "Get It Before George Changes His Mind" List.  With that being said I headed to Lowe's the other day during lunch with my belly growling back at me ;-) to check out some grills and there were so many options...charcoal, propane, stainless, I thought for a moment -I am not gonna be able to make this decision without George.  He only gave me one requirement - stainless.  Okay, so I found a few I liked and then I saw this one that said Tru Infrared...what the!?!  This was a curve ball in the decision making process because what the heck is Tru Infrared?  Did I really need it? [it basically means there are no flames...NO FLAMES?  I'll pass].   And if you know me I always like to check another place first [cause it may be cheaper there, right!? Maybe not after all of the gas I spend running around to find a deal].  So where else would I go but Home Depot.  I liked a few there too.  I had so many things running through my mind so I decided to wait can tackle it with my hubby. 

Going to Lowe's with a two year old...well lets just say it was FUN!  Kennedy yelling at the top of her lungs "tractor! tractor!" [by the way it was a riding lawn mower] I <3 my little bean!  Anywho, we spent two hours trying to make a decision and left the store empty handed because the one we decided to get Lowe's only had in a floor model [sigh].  We left the store with the intent to go to another Lowe's the next day and purchase the grill we liked.

The day came and of course my husband true to his character now wanted a completely different grill [grrrrrr!]  Whatevs it was cheaper and I was tired on using my brain on this one and went with his decision - a man should get his way sometimes...right? ;-)

Here were some of the front runners...

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Power of Craigslist

I'm always never really looking for anything in particular to buy for the house, I just kinda buy pieces that catch my eye and hope to find somewhere to put it.  I always scour through craigslist looking for a good find and yesterday I found one...exciting I know ;-)!  I wasn't really looking for another dresser, but when I saw it I knew this baby had to be mine.  It was a small white dresser and from what I could tell from the Craigslist ad it seemed like it was in pretty good condition [and it was only $20] can I get a hellllsssyyyyeeeaaaahhh!  I immediately replied to the ad and waited for a response.  After all day of checking my email I decided to reply to the ad one more time before I left work and two minutes later my phone was ringing.  We scheduled a time for me to take a look at it and that was that. 

The piece was even better than I expected!!! It was a very solid piece, free from scratches, working drawers and all.  Like Bower Power discussed in this post when you go to the sellers home and it's neat and tidy you get reassurance that the adopted item has been taken care of.  Young House Love has also scored some amazing deals on Craigslist, like this $350 hood they snagged for just $60 [what a deal huh!?! ]

*Craigslist Tip:  Always respond with your telephone number.  With smart phones it's so much easier to respond to someone with their telephone number included because you just highlight the number to call...quick and easy!

I'm not quite sure if it's staying in the boys room, but for right now it will work.  I'm also thinking of doing a little DIY to it as well like this one below from the Real Housewives of Bucks County....

The adopted dresser as-is and picture below it is what I'm thinking of doing to it.

What do you think...leave it or DIY it??????

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Screw Up = $$$ Saved?!?

Goodness...after a week of my husband sanding away his mess and me waiting to get my free Clark + Kensington paint we have finally finished the wall panels, well almost ;-).  You see my husbands screw up actually saved us some money [and that's always a good thing]!  After checking out Pleasants Hardware's Facebook page I ran across an ad about the free quarts of Clark + Kensington paint plus primer they were giving out and was thrilled!  I printed out two coupons and filled one out for myself and one for my mother [Yes it was one per person - I figured she could help me out and get one too] lol!  I decided to get their Ultra White [tint base] which worked perfectly.  Thanks goodness my mom was here for the weekend and helped me paint [did I mention I hate painting], I seem to always forget how time consuming it is until it's time to do it again.  Anywho...other than painting around the edges everything is finished and I am very happy how it turned out!

More pictures to come!  I am also working on "Our Home" tab, so stay tuned!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Wooda", Coulda, Shoulda

I know, I know...

I should be posting a fabulous picture of my panelled wall, well I'm NOT!  Like always, before we start a project I already have it planned out in my mind how I want things to go and so does my husband and his plays out completely different [usually with a train wreck involved]!  Of course I was the one who found the MDF in the correct size, had the nice man at Home Depot cut them to size and even loaded all twelve 8' pieces in my Flex and carried them home.  It started off great when I woke up last Wednesday to all of the boards on the wall...progress [considering my husband always over thinks everything and takes twice as long to do ANYTHING]!  So, I left him on his day off to cover the holes from the brad nails [a small hole I might add] and the caulk the seams.  Well he covered them alright!!!  With a huge amount of compound.  I told him to use paintable caulk, which would have done the job without all of the sanding.  But George listening to me....nnnaaaa!  He spent the day sanding down compound and when I came home I looked at the wall and thought..."Houston we have a problem!"  I explained several times that using paintable caulk would have done the job [the right way], but he insisted it would come out okay once we painted.  Now mind you we were planning on using a semi-gloss paint, which shows the slightest imperfections.  To prove him wrong I painted the wall.  Long story short...he has a lot more sanding to do! 

Looking good at this point...

"wooda", coulda, shoulda...

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Money in the Bank

I wasn't planning on posting anything today...as I don't really have a posting schedule.  I just post whenever I finish a project or excited about the next one.  So today's post is because of this post by Decorchick! I've always got inspiration from magazines and home improvement shows before I got into DIY blogs, Pinterest and "mood boards", but because of these new found - easy access tools life is a little easier. How you might ask...well it was Decorchick's rug in her living room that inspired this purchase.  I love the colors and the modern play it has on such a traditional piece that seems to tie any living room together.  Anyway, after reading her Wednesday post I saw a link to another post that I was interested in.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  The 8x10 version of her rug can be purchased at Overstock.com for $398 [which is a site that is supposedly saving you over 60%].  My husband would die, just die if I brought a rug for $398 [he would probably even throw in that he could make it if he had to, lol!].  To top it off, she explains how the rug has been shedding and it needs to be vacuumed everyday.  My husband is really gonna have a big smile on his face after reading this one, because I only paid $103.95 for our 8x10 rug.  I guess after being with him for ten years pinching pennies has finally rubbed off on me too!  I'm officially the queen of finding a bargain and I know that my husband couldn't be any prouder, especially when he sees that extra money in the bank ;-)

My $398 inspiration
My $ in the bank!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buffet Revival

Like I said yesterday in this post...we finally finished the buffet.  It was such an ugly duckling when we first brought it, but I saw its potential and wanted to see if we could actually pull it off.  After pulling some long weekends and late nights stripping, sanding, painting and glazing, we have a finished product. 

I've wanted a buffet [which we plan to use as a tv stand] for a while now.  In our old house my husband built a corner tv cabinet that I loved, but it was built-in so we couldn't take it with us when we brought this house.  We saw tons of buffets that we loved, but my husband being the frugal cheap man that he is always said "we'll find a cheaper one" or "I can do that myself".  Then I got a bright idea to just find one [cheap of course] and make it look like the high priced-distressed pieces we loved so much.  It was also the piece that kicked me in the butt to actually start this blog instead of just talking about one [read about that here].  Any who...this is what we came up with...

After painting it  Benjamin Moore's Bear Creek 1470, my husband took some fine sandpaper and scuffed the areas that we wanted to highlight, added some Valspar antiquing glaze [which you have to be very careful with I might add] and vola!

These pictures don't do this piece any justice...but like I said before I'm working on that!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Chosen One

We accomplished a lot this past weekend and our living room is starting to look like home again, even with the hiccup with one of our sofas not being delivered on Saturday.  It was actually a good thing because our delivery fee was refunded and I used the money to buy the piece that ties our living room together [more on that in a minute].

Friday my husband managed to complete the buffet and it turned out way better than I expected.  I've seen similar pieces for $600 or more and our project ended up costing a little under $70 [pictures and more about this project later].

On my lunch break Friday I finally found the 1/2" MDF we've been looking for.  We plan to panel a wall in our living room inspired by this post from Decorchick.  Hopefully we can get to that by Thursday and finish it up this weekend [stay tuned...]

Back to our living room...we knew that one of the key pieces that would tie our living room together was a rug.  Man it was hard!  It seemed like I had a thousand rugs piled up around me and somehow some way I was going to get through all of them, if it was the last thing I did!  I went to two different Home Goods and was hoping to find one there because their rugs hang neatly on the wall and it's as easy as flipping pages of a great magazine, ooowwing and awwwwing at all the different colors and styles.  Of course I had no such luck and sending pictures to my husband while he was at work to get his approval and hearing my mom like a buzzing bee in my ear telling me to hurry up and just pick one...I gave up!  Just as I thought I had given up I saw stacks and stacks of rugs at Garden Ridge and decided to take a look.  After getting the sales associate to pull off about 15 rugs from on top of the rug I had my eye on...I had found the one!  My mom probably wanted to shout hallelujah from the top of her lungs, but she refrained from saying anything and just gave me a smile. 

These are the rugs that almost made the cut...

Too dark...

Loved the colors, but too much going on...

Too traditional for our taste...
The chosen ONE!

 Pictures of this baby in our living room to come....
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