Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Get out the grill it's Spring ya'll!

I'm always trying to get things accomplished while my little one is in daycare because we never know how she may act [that's a whole notha story :-)].  So I usually head out to Target, Lowe's, HomeGoods, where ever really to pick up whatever is on my "Get It Before George Changes His Mind" List.  With that being said I headed to Lowe's the other day during lunch with my belly growling back at me ;-) to check out some grills and there were so many options...charcoal, propane, stainless, I thought for a moment -I am not gonna be able to make this decision without George.  He only gave me one requirement - stainless.  Okay, so I found a few I liked and then I saw this one that said Tru Infrared...what the!?!  This was a curve ball in the decision making process because what the heck is Tru Infrared?  Did I really need it? [it basically means there are no flames...NO FLAMES?  I'll pass].   And if you know me I always like to check another place first [cause it may be cheaper there, right!? Maybe not after all of the gas I spend running around to find a deal].  So where else would I go but Home Depot.  I liked a few there too.  I had so many things running through my mind so I decided to wait can tackle it with my hubby. 

Going to Lowe's with a two year old...well lets just say it was FUN!  Kennedy yelling at the top of her lungs "tractor! tractor!" [by the way it was a riding lawn mower] I <3 my little bean!  Anywho, we spent two hours trying to make a decision and left the store empty handed because the one we decided to get Lowe's only had in a floor model [sigh].  We left the store with the intent to go to another Lowe's the next day and purchase the grill we liked.

The day came and of course my husband true to his character now wanted a completely different grill [grrrrrr!]  Whatevs it was cheaper and I was tired on using my brain on this one and went with his decision - a man should get his way sometimes...right? ;-)

Here were some of the front runners...

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