Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Money in the Bank

I wasn't planning on posting anything I don't really have a posting schedule.  I just post whenever I finish a project or excited about the next one.  So today's post is because of this post by Decorchick! I've always got inspiration from magazines and home improvement shows before I got into DIY blogs, Pinterest and "mood boards", but because of these new found - easy access tools life is a little easier. How you might ask...well it was Decorchick's rug in her living room that inspired this purchase.  I love the colors and the modern play it has on such a traditional piece that seems to tie any living room together.  Anyway, after reading her Wednesday post I saw a link to another post that I was interested in.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  The 8x10 version of her rug can be purchased at for $398 [which is a site that is supposedly saving you over 60%].  My husband would die, just die if I brought a rug for $398 [he would probably even throw in that he could make it if he had to, lol!].  To top it off, she explains how the rug has been shedding and it needs to be vacuumed everyday.  My husband is really gonna have a big smile on his face after reading this one, because I only paid $103.95 for our 8x10 rug.  I guess after being with him for ten years pinching pennies has finally rubbed off on me too!  I'm officially the queen of finding a bargain and I know that my husband couldn't be any prouder, especially when he sees that extra money in the bank ;-)

My $398 inspiration
My $ in the bank!
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