Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Screw Up = $$$ Saved?!?

Goodness...after a week of my husband sanding away his mess and me waiting to get my free Clark + Kensington paint we have finally finished the wall panels, well almost ;-).  You see my husbands screw up actually saved us some money [and that's always a good thing]!  After checking out Pleasants Hardware's Facebook page I ran across an ad about the free quarts of Clark + Kensington paint plus primer they were giving out and was thrilled!  I printed out two coupons and filled one out for myself and one for my mother [Yes it was one per person - I figured she could help me out and get one too] lol!  I decided to get their Ultra White [tint base] which worked perfectly.  Thanks goodness my mom was here for the weekend and helped me paint [did I mention I hate painting], I seem to always forget how time consuming it is until it's time to do it again.  Anywho...other than painting around the edges everything is finished and I am very happy how it turned out!

More pictures to come!  I am also working on "Our Home" tab, so stay tuned!

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