Thursday, April 19, 2012

Even your Furniture needs some Bling!

I've been working on my living room since we purchased this house in late July of last year and I am anticipating the end, but I know it's still just the beginning.

We have an old chair we brought about 4 years ago that needed a little pick me up.  So I thought adding some bling to them would make the chair a keeper {at least for a little while longer}.

So while I was at work I went online and found these upholstery nails at Lowe's and ordered four boxes online and picked them up on my way home.  Oh and by the way I just found out that you can shop online at and pick up your order in 20 minutes or less {this is the best thing since sliced bread...for a DIYer like myself anyway!}  While I was there I decided I should get one more box of the shiny little nails if they had them {and boy did I need every last one!}

I came home and grabbed a hammer before I could even start dinner.  And when you have a little helper it makes things a little easier  harder, but at least she wants to help out, lets see if she's still interested in helping mommy in her teens {doubt it, but hey here's to wishful thinking}.

It started going south immediately because if you don't hit the nail perfectly it bends the post. I messed up an entire box of nails because of this, so it's a good thing I brought that extra box.

I really like the chair with the trim.  And for just under $7 it's a rather cheap makeover.  The whole project took about an hour.  Not too shabby huh?

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