Sunday, April 22, 2012

Green Day

In honor of Earth Day 2012 my community started our monthly community clean-up in old Manchester.  We had a great turn out!  Members from area churches, neighbors, and people that grew up in the area came out to support our effort to bring the community together and give back.  We even had people tweeting about our efforts to keep the community big-ups to Black RVA for getting the word out!  I just wanna say thanks to everyone that came out and participated in our effort to keep our community clean and we look forward to our next community clean-up, which by the way will be every third Saturday of each month.  If you would like participate in our community clean-up, please contact the Blackwell Community Group at

I also took the family to the annual Manchester Earth Day 2012 event and we had a wonderful time!  I scored two rain barrels for only $15 each {although we do have to add the overflow valve and faucet, I will post about that project soon}.  I've been eyeing rain barrels at Whole Foods and some other places nearly $100 this was definitely money in the bank!  Not only am I participating in going GREEN, but because I reside in the City I am able to save up to 50% on my water bill for using rain barrels, pervious pavement, rain gardens, and/or vegetated filter strips.  I'm super stoked--again money in the bank!  So after a little work to the barrels, some dreaded paperwork, pictures, and even sketches of my property, I could possibly save up 50% on my water bill each month--I will let you guys know how that turns out.  Enough about the rain barrels already...I also got three FREE succulents, which is great since I'm not plant friendly ;-), a cute RVA sticker for the Flex, made some contacts with local organizations willing to help with our community garden, and a very happy little girl because she got to play in a pool of corn.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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