Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thrill of the Hunt!

Today I stumbled upon an amazing thrift store today while visiting an architects office in Ashland, Virginia. Yes I was on the job, but I couldn't resist going into a store by the name of Thrill of the Hunt! "Thrift" store doesn't really describe what this place is...because while it is "thrifty", it's much more trendy and definitely a hot spot to buy all things "prrruutttyy"! The pieces are very affordable and not to mention the owners are very polite and make you feel right at home. After chatting it up the the owner I found out that they upcycle furniture in house and even offer custom farmhouse tables from reclaimed barn wood (did I mention that I've been wanting a farmhouse table, and I haven't brought one because I refuse to pay over $2,000 for a dining room table), well their tables start at $299.00- yes you read right...only $299 from reclaimed Hanover wood. So, Hanover not only produces some of the best tomatoes I've ever tasted, they're also producing some fabulous tables. I was going to have the hubs get started on DIY(ing) me a dreamy farmhouse table real soon, but once I told him the price he even agreed to buy one. I am super excited about getting a farmhouse table (that isn't faux), but true reclaimed wood from a few counties away that will tell a beautiful story from all it's scars. The Flex will not be able to haul this who's helping me pick this up? And hurry before my husband changes his mind, lol. 

Anywho...they had many other wonderful pieces, so many it's too much for me to even get down. There were some pieces that I was able to snap a picture of, a few of them I even purchased.

So if you're in the area please check them out @ 315 England Street, Ashland, VA 23005, you can't miss their trendy sign which is definitely a representation on what you'll find inside!

Also check out their website here and "like" them of Facebook here.

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