Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #3

This is one of the most interesting pieces that I've done so far!  Everyone who visits our house says that they love the planter and want to know where I brought it and I give them a puzzled look and say what?!? I made that! 

It started when I saw this picture at a linky party and I pinned it on Pinterest to put it on my to do list....

I couldn't believe it! It was super cute and I needed to know how to make it asap!  And it didn't help that there were petunias in the pots which are one of my favorite summer flowers.  I read the post from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home and kept it in the back of my mind til I ran across some pots that I liked and that were cheap!

A few weeks later browsing through Target on my lunch break I ran across some pink pots that were on sale for 70% off.  The pots were originally $2.50 in the dollar section and were reduced to $0.75...I couldn't resist!  I even grabbed a teal birdhouse to add to the mix which I got for only $0.30--SCORE! 

I decided because these pots weren't as heavy as clay pots and I would use a 4' steel garden stake rather than a piece of rebar, which I purchased from Lowe's for $1.98.

First I had my husband drill a hole in the bottom of each pot with the 3/4" hole-cutting attachment that we used in this post.

I had my two year old daughter Kennedy help with stamping on white polka-dots and let them dry over night.

The next day I started with the large pot and started to string the posts through their holes like so....

The second pot set down inside the first one and the rest of the posts would sit on the rim of the pot below it....

I filled each pot with soil as I assembled the entire planter and added Wave petunias as well. 

I absolutely love my Topsy Turvy Madd Planter! 

Cost Breakdown:
  • Pots - $.75 ea. 
  • Soil - $ 1.98
  • 4' Steel Garden Stake - $1.98
  • Flowers - $7.96
  • Teal Birdhouse - $0.30
  • Spanish Moss - $2.98
Grand Total = $18.20

Not bad huh?!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Get On That Dining Room Already! : Part I

I'm a country girl at heart and my next house will be a farmhouse for sure...animals included, lol!  But for right now we're right here in the city, and I wanted to bring a tad bit of country into my life or more like my dining room.

I still have my inspiration picture that I saved back in March and now I can't figure our whose blog this came from...I would love to give her credit for her awesome table, but for right now I'm drawing a blank.  I'm sure I will run across this blogger again because as I recall I LOVED everything about this house.

Initially we were going to use 2x4's and then thought of using, distressed, and thin enough to lay right on top of the existing table - Perfect!

This was one of my husband's projects, so again I have to give him all of the credit.  He started by taking the pallets apart and saving the existing nails to re-use later.

Once he had enough he started to lay them out on the table for placement and size.  I also didn't want everything to match up [again I like rustic] and when you have three boys in the house--my two step son's and my eight year old brother who visits often and a two year old little girl who is more destructive then her older brothers - rustic is great! Because when it does get nicked here and there it looks like it was supposed to be that way. Tricks of a mother ;-)

Once they were all laid out he marked the length on each side of the table and cut the ends evenly with a skill saw.  Yes this was all done inside....I'm still cleaning up saw dust, lol!
He here is how it looks now.....

We're not quite finished.  We're going to paint the table a similar color to the one pictured above and add a pop of color to the chairs and bench as well.
So for now this story is to be continued, but whatcha think so far??

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Monday, May 28, 2012

White Kitchen Cabinets: Timeless and Transcendent

Many people believe the only color for the kitchen is white. They love the clean, fresh cottage-ey feel and the timeless, classic look--I'm one of those people!

Now I know you may be thinking--that house is brand new and so are those cabinets and if this project goes south she's going to regret it big time...well I feel the same way!

But I'm willing to take the risk.  I've also browsed a few blogs that I follow like House*Tweaking, Young House Love and Centsational Girl just to name a few [believe me I have checked them all out] and I am confident that with my husband's help I can definitely pull it off!

My only concern:  I have black appliances!  I prefer stainless steel appliances, but the black appliances came with the house.  I think stainless steel just looks nicer in a white kitchen or any kitchen for the matter, but the black will have to do for now, or until I can convenience my frugal husband to let me ditch my new'ish black appliances for some stainless ones.

This is what my kitchen currently looks like.....

Here's some white kitchens that I love....

Here's some with black appliances....

Should the cabinets stay or should they go white?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Upcycled Buffet

It may not look like much, but this buffet had what I like to call "potential," if potential is working drawers, casters and a price tag of $0 -- yep I got this baby off of Craigslist for free.

These drawers are going to be painted Apple Tart.  Sounds yummy...right!? 

My husband and I [mostly my husband -- I have to say that because he will read this ;-) ] sanded, painted, spray painted, glazed, and voila! This FREE buffet transformed into a shabby chic, 21st century buffet cabinet. The perfect place to hold all of our stuff. It was meant for the dining room, but since the Apple Tart color was pulled from the living room pillows we found the perfect spot in there for it.  Since it's on casters if I need to use it as an actual buffet I can just wheel it into the dining about a functional piece!

1. Purchase a hideous buffet or set of drawers like in this post. (The uglier the better.)
2. Generously coat old varnish/stain/lacquer with a generic varnish remover. (If necessary)
3. Sand.
4. Paint a nice liberal coat of primer on drawers. (We like Clark + Kensington paint plus primer)
5. Paint drawers liberally. Sanding in between coats.
6. Let dry and apply a antique glaze. (if you like that shabby chic look)
7. Spray paint hardware. (if needed)

Cute right!?  I love finding freebies on Craigslist!

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Chocolate Mint Anyone?

The chocolate mint that I talked about in this post is growing like a weed! So I decided to cut it back a little and create a minty beverage...Chocolate Mint Tea.  I know you might be thinking...WHAT!?!  But it's actually quite tasty. 

It was super easy...

In saucepan, bring water, tea bags [I used 2 large tea bags--this is up to you on how strong you like your tea] and chocolate mint to a boil. Remove from heat, remove the tea bags of course ;-), add sugar. Chill. Garnish with additional chocolate mint.

Yum...what a great spring drink and I love that I'm using the chocolate mint from my own herb garden!

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