Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm a New Mommy!

I'm a new mommy...well sort of.  We decided that we were interested in adopting a dog when our daughter showed an interest in animals.  She loves cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, anything really--just NO BUGS please!  It was hard not to feel bad about not having a pet for Kennedy when all of our neighbors have dogs running around in their backyards, so we gave in!  I didn't want to purchase one of those designer dogs that can fit into your purse, or a puppy from a breeder when there are so many dog in shelters just waiting for someone to come scoop them up.  I love big dogs, the bigger the better actually.  My goal is to own a great dane one day when Kennedy is old enough to interact with such a large dog. 

So how did we decide on what kind of dog to get our little princess? We took online quizzes that match you up with what type of dog fits your lifestyle, and watched what seemed like thousands of Animal Plant YouTube videos on different breeds of dogs.  After about two weeks of going back and forth with my husband, we finally decided that we would go with a lab or lab mix of some sort.

About a month ago Kennedy and I headed out to the MRPS adopt-a-thon that's held once a month at various local PetsMarts to find us a dog.  We found the perfect lab...cute, friendly and....a PUPPY???  I initially wanted a dog that was already housebroken, good with kids and ready to go for a run.  Well, we got just the opposite!  A puppy who is pooping and peeing all over our brand new home [I guess it needs to be broken in], one not aware that Kennedy is not like its puppy counterparts and cannot be wrestled and jumped all over, and hates walking on a leash--let alone running.  Let's just say she's a work in progress, but every dog is only as good as its owner and dammit I'm great!  So, this DIY puppy training is a work in process and I may even have to bring in a pro for this one, but I think it will be well worth it! 

Wish us luck!

Are you thinking about getting a new dog or puppy?  Take the dog breed selector quiz and find what breed best suits you.

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