Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am trying to incorporate more plants into my home decor and it's working out at the moment.  I have fell in love succulents--they're just beautiful and low maintenance.  I was able to get three free succulent plants at the Manchester Earth Day festival that I mention is this post and they have grown tremendously.  I decided that they needed to be separated and I had the perfect spot for them!  I recently replaced the hideous towel racks that were behind my toilet in both the master bathroom and the family bathroom with shelves that I painted white and they were just waiting for some accessories.

I love plants in the bathroom!  I never even considered putting a plant in the squatter until this post by Young House Love.  So would you consider having plants in the bathroom?  Or maybe you already have some--whatcha got?

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  1. I'm trying to do some plants in our house too. It does wonders for your indoor air quality. Just have to make sure little ones or furbabies don't get into them! My little boy is an eater!

    Where'd you get thos little jars, they're so cute?

    1. The jars came from Target's dollar section...(3) for $2.00. I <3 me some Target!