Monday, July 30, 2012

What a Wedding!

I recently celebrated the nuptials of two amazing people, which led me to this new DIY project.  The wedding was simply beautiful!  I was in love with the flowers that were arranged in mason jars of various sizes and colors.  The bride and friends DIY'ed some fabulous signage, which some of them have found a place in my home :-)  We had a wonderful weekend in Love, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we truly came in...stayed in....and left in....LOVE!

So in keeping with all of the love....I realized that I had not gotten around to displaying my own wedding pictures in my home.  I decided to try having my favorite wedding photo enlarged on an engineer's size print (24 x 36) to be exact and hang it in our living room.  It turned out beautifully and for only $2.99, printed at Office Depot - You can't beat it!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be My Guest #1: Elegant End Table

I am so excited to feature my first guest post to all of my readers.  My husband is just as much apart of my blog as I am - even if it is behind the scenes.  He tells all of the "guys" to read my's so freakin' cute!  That's how my first guest post came about.  George was telling his friend John and his wife Sarah about my blog and John was inspired to start a project of his own, and I couldn't wait to hear all about it!  To my surprise a few weeks later, I received an email with pictures of the final product.  I love it!  It looks like a $300 piece.

John and Sarah do not have a blog of their own, but this is definitely a project that's worthy of being shared with others!

It all started with a table that was being stored in his parents house...unused.

Then John used an electric sander to sand down the entire table.  After a few coats of paint and some gorgeous hardware, this is the end result....

Here is what John said about his project:  "Very simple project. I just found an old end table that was not being used. To get started I removed the old hardware and sanded the table. From there I primed it and followed up with a flat black paint. I specially ordered new hardware from a local store (Pleasants Hardware) and installed them. The most tedious part was the sanding, that took a few hours."

This table turned out beautifully!  Let me know what you think about John and Sarah's new end table.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


When left outdoors in the rain and shine, patio furniture takes a beating.  Frames get unsightly nicks, scratches, and rust; and even the color tends to fade.

But that doesn't mean that you have to toss out the old set and buy new!  You can tackle the project yourself.  All it takes is some patience and a few cans of spray paint.

So, I pulled out my medium grit sandpaper and sanded any rough areas on the table and chairs.

Then I followed my simple spray painting techniques:
  • Skip the cheap stuff and splurge on the $5-7 quality stuff.
  • Always keep the can moving.
  • Keep the nozzle about 8-10" away from whatever you're spray painting.
  • Always apply thin mists of spray paint, applying heavy coats makes everything wet and drippy.

The color even matches my front's so yellowlicious ;-)

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Etsy Project: Do Over!

Everyone seemed to love the Etsy re-creation that I DIY'ed, but I wasn't happy with the frames or their location.  They were initally placed in the kitchen [totally not suitable artwork for the kitchen!], but I have plenty of empty wall space so....I spray painted them using Rust-Oleum Satin Eden and Lemon Grass, that I also used HERE.  These color where much more suitable for these fun prints and the new location worked out perfectly!  They are now hanging in the hallway between the kids rooms.

From antique white to eden and lemon much better and brighter - right?!

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