Sunday, July 1, 2012

Etsy Project: Do Over!

Everyone seemed to love the Etsy re-creation that I DIY'ed, but I wasn't happy with the frames or their location.  They were initally placed in the kitchen [totally not suitable artwork for the kitchen!], but I have plenty of empty wall space so....I spray painted them using Rust-Oleum Satin Eden and Lemon Grass, that I also used HERE.  These color where much more suitable for these fun prints and the new location worked out perfectly!  They are now hanging in the hallway between the kids rooms.

From antique white to eden and lemon much better and brighter - right?!

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  1. These look so great! The eden and lemon grass colors really bring out the colors of the text inside the frames and add a little bit of fun to them, while still looking classy! I definitely agree that this do over made thes already cute frames even better!