Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get On That Dining Room Already! Part II

Man it's been awhile!  I've definitely been slacking on my DIY to do's, trying to soak up what little bit of summer I have left.  Recently my husband got that familiar itch and wanted to tackle Part II of our farmhouse table project...you can read all about Part I here and how it won second place in the Project Pinterest Challenge

All we needed to do was pick out a color - I was leaning more toward a blueish gray, while my husband was going for a Robin's Egg Blue, then sand and seal with a polyurethane finish...easy enough right!?  WRONG!  I decided to go with what my husband wanted, trying to compromise because I always get my way and I want him to be apart of decorating too.  We went with the Robin's Egg Blue [we actually made this color ourselves with some leftover paints], and he also wanted the chairs to be two-toned.  I didn't hate the color so I went with it and the two-tone...I was just afraid of things becoming real country and I do not like country!

I was loving the paint after I started painting the table, but once we got to the chairs I knew I should have went with my gut!  You see...I actually want upholstered chairs like these...

I prefer a more substantial piece like these below, but my dining space in this house isn't quite large enough for all of that...so I will be going with a similar option.

I'm even thinking about pairing some upholstered chairs with something like this....

 I'm in love with this chair!
Anywho...I going on and on about the dining room I want, instead of what my husband was creating for me.  The color was too bright and too country for me.  So, he distressed the table and chairs a bit which helped some. 

After all of that painting, we sanded the table and applied two coats of  Rustoleum Polyurethane...to help prevent against stains from our two year old.  Before we added the protection I just mixed some bleach and water and sprayed any spots and it magically disappeared.

Here is our finished product.....

Here is the before and the after....I'm loving the brightness of the after, but I would have rather stayed with the before look! 

 What's your thoughts????

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Football Fields of Green Fronts

I recently experienced 18 football fields of Green Front, a discount furniture and accessories store in Farmville, VA.  Green Front occupies twelve buildings (practically all of  Farmville’s downtown district).

Green Front offers imported, traditional, and unique pieces of furniture that you can't just find at your neighborhood furniture store.  This does come at a price, because you won't find IKEA prices here folks. 

They do offer "The Bone Yard" which offers merchandise at low, move out prices (orphan furniture and forgotten goods from furniture manufacturers including all styles of excess rugs, sisal, seagrass, and accessories).

After trying to make my way through the massive warehouses, taking a few pictures of some items I had my eye on....my camera went DEAD! Of course I should have expected that! This trip wasn't planned and I should be glad that I got any photos at all.
If you're ever in the area go check out these massive tobacco warehouses and the unique finds from some of the world's most inconspicuous places.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deer, Oh Deer!

I have been dying to add some antlers to my decor....I know sounds crazy right?!  But I have seen so many of these sucka's on Pinterest and I fell in love! 

Here's what I did to get the look. First, I got myself some antlers. Luckily was husband's cousin has a set just laying around, crazy right?! Well not actually considering he's from the country and deer are everywhere! I picked up a wooden plaque, spray paint, and some painter's tape and got to work.

I spray painted the tips of my antlers first [Rustoleum "Paprika" red], waited for them to dry and then taped the tips in order for me to spray paint the rest of the antlers white.

Next, I painted by plaque gray. After the paint dried, I used my painter's tape to DIY some chevron lines...not exactly as easy as I thought it would be!  Then I spray painted the entire plaque white. Hindsight being 20/20, I think painting the plaque would have given me cleaner lines...although there were only a few spots where I had issues.

Once all of the paint was dry, I positioned the antlers where I wanted them on the plaque and had my husband drill right through the back of the plaque right into the antlers. Please make sure it's sturdy and won't fall off of the wood, if you're planning on trying this one!

The next time you have some obnoxious antlers lying around, the could become your most talked about piece of decor.  

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #5: Monogrammed Knife Block

I love spray paint, monograms, and an inexpensive way to update your decor.  I was tried of my old boring knife block, so I pulled out some Rustoleum "Paprika" spray paint, and a vinyl applique that I got awhile back from A.C. Moore on clearance for $0.37 and when to work. 

This was my Pinterest inspiration knife block from Johnny In A Dress.

Here's how mine turned out....

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

EAT Your Words!

I finally found my 12" paper mache letters at Joann Fabric for $4.49, which I only paid $3.49 because of an instant $1 off savings.  I was super excited because I had found similar letters at Anthropologie for $90 each [ridiculousness!!]. 

All I needed to make them complete was some red spray paint, which I chose Rustoleum "Paprika" and some 3M Command Strips.  I gave them three coats of paint using my spray painting technique, which I talk about in recent posts here and here. 

I absolutely LOVE them!  I think they turned out super nice and all for under $20.

Whatcha think?

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