Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Taking Things to New Heights

Here we go again!  Trying to customize our builder's grade home.  After painting the living and dining rooms, our plan was to raise the height of our curtain rods...like this picture I pinned a while back that I saw on Pinterest.


But then there is that issue with all of that extra space above the windows.

Yet again I ran across a pin on Pinterest that fixed that problem...

I love decorative details and adding molding over our windows would definitely give it that custom look.  So, I told my husband to get out his tools and prepare to build something nice for is wife ;) 

Molding can get expensive and I have too many other projects that I want to do to just shell out a bunch of money on this one project, so we got creative!
We went to Lowe's and got (1) 1/4" piece of plywood and had it cut into 10" strips, according to my husbands measurements (which we later learned was too tall...8" strips looked much better)! 
We also needed ...
First, we cut the plywood to the width of each window, sanded the edges and installed using Loctite construction adhesive.  I was very impressed with how well this adhesive worked!  We don't have a nail gun in our DIY kit and using brad nails means a whole lot more work and nail holes that would have to be puttied.

Then we placed the shoe molding above the existing window molding and on top of the plywood to cover the gap between the boards.

The trickiest part of the whole project was giving the crown molding 45 degree angles using a skill saw, but my husband works his magic every time!! He hand measured the 45 degree angles....a little trig was involved ;) He then set the skill saw to the 45 degree setting and cut along the lines that he marked.

We gave the Loctite time to cure and then painted the molding using semi-gloss trim paint....we think it turned out beautifully! 



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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Wall Earns it's Stripes

I'm back on my DIYish and I have painting fever!  I decided that our upstairs hallway needed some lovin' and since my new color crush is Sherwin Williams - Lazy Gray and not to mention I have a ton of it leftover from my last paint project, I decided to give it a go and add some stripes on those bare walls.

We started taping it off on Thursday night, thinking it was such a small area that it wouldn't take much time at all....boy were we wrong!  It took forever for my husband and I to figure out what size we wanted our stripes and as always he was being too technical (in my opinion) and I was getting frustrated over the whole thing.  We decided to go with 7 3/4" stripes so the first stripe would hit just above the door frames and making the taping job less hectic (we planned to keep the first stripe the original wall color...therefore no taping the ceilings or above the door frames).  Needless to say we didn't finish taping the first night and finished it up on Friday, with plans to paint the next day.  We learned some things along the way though....


Lesson #1:  Laser levels work, but result in a lot more frustration.  Just stick the thing in the wall! We didn't want the pin holes in the wall, so I made George hold it up and he kept moving the line around and fussing over how long it was taking for me to put up the tape...major hand cramping involved!

Lesson #2:  Taping horizontal stripes is not necessarily good for your marriage. Between our banter back in forth over my taping technique, his cramped hand, and one good meltdown by me, we may not need to paint anymore stripes in our house ;)

Lesson #3:  All the time and frustration is well worth it!  Yes - it takes the people on those design shows only minutes to throw up tape for stripes and other geometrical patterns, but believe me that is definitely edited TV!



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