Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ikea Hack: Rug Turned Pillow

While I was reading the awesome blog Little Green Notebook I spotted an Ikea Hack that I truly planned on attempting myself.  It's how to create adorable lumbar-style striped pillows using cheap Ikea rugs (about $4 each!) Considering that I had one of these rugs just sitting in our linen closet, I decided...why not!? 

I even had an old goose-down pillow I wasn't using so I decided to cut open the goose and steal some of it's feathers.

I simply folded the rug length-wise and cut it in half (I wanted two small lumbar pillows instead of one), turned it inside out and stitched two sides (leaving one end open).  I then turned the pillow on the right side, stuffed it with some goose, and stitched up the remaining side.



I love a "FREE" project, considering everything that I used I already had just sitting in a closet ready to be put on display. 


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