Thursday, September 26, 2013

Re-Fab with U-Fab...A Chair Makeover for Under $3

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've been trying to find just the right fabric for my bamboo cane chair that matches our style. 

I found this fabric which by the way was just $1 at the U-Fab outlet, but it wasn't quite right for our space.  Hopefully I will find it a good home. 

On a previous trip to U-Fab I had my eye on this fabric, but I passed it by!  Luckily no one had snagged it up before I made it back. 

When purchasing the fabric I noticed some small stains on the far side of the fabric (which would be cut off in the upholstering process anyway), that I ended up getting the yard for $2.49 versus the $7.99 outlet price...SCORE!  You know I love a good deal!

The original fabric was so outdated, even though it looks so cute in the picture.


I had my husband cut out a piece of plywood in a similar shape of the cushion, but slightly smaller so I had something to staple the fabric to.

We then laid out the fabric over the cushion to decide exactly how we wanted the pattern to appear on the chair.

We flipped the cushion over holding the fabric in place to get an idea of how much fabric we needed to cut off. We didn't want to have any bulk under the chair.

When stapling the fabric we started on the sides and put in a few staples. We then repeated the same thing on the front and backside of the cushion.  Sorry that we didn't get any pictures of this ( I had to hold down the fabric while my husband stapled).

After all sides were complete, we were just left with the corners.  We flipped it over to the front to make sure that the pattern was right before we finished the corners off.  This was a little tricky!  I wanted to make sure that both sides looked identical...well as much as I could anyway!

I love how the chair turned out!  I looks much less formal than my first fabric choice and matches our style perfectly.

Have you upholstered any projects lately?  Thinking about giving something a fresh new look?  What do you have in mind?  I'd love to know.




Friday, September 20, 2013

Restoration Hardware Inspired : Industrial Task Lamp

Last weekend while thrifting I ran across this 1940's vintage brass task lamp for $5 and I passed by it.  Later in the week I was regretting my decision and figured that if it was still there I would not leave it behind again.  To my surprise the little lamp was still sitting there waiting for someone to show it some love.  
Right now I'm loving gold, brassy tones, but I decided to go with something a little different this time and went black.  I figured that it would enhance the industrial feel of the lamp.  I also knew that with a vintage bulb it would really make a statement.

So, I gave it a quick sanding, covered the cord in aluminum foil, and put a paper towel in the socket to protect anything electrical, and followed my spray painting techniques as I always do.
I knew as soon as the first coat went on that the black was a good decision!
It turned out amazing!  I'm very happy with my new lamp, it totally reminds me of something you would see at Restoration Hardware or a vintage replica that would cost you an arm and a leg!

I found the vintage Edison bulb at Lowe's, I love the vintage yet modern feel it gives the lamp.  For under $14 I have a great industrial task lamp that looks like a million bucks....I'm in love!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Put Some Files In It!

My husband and I are really bad at keeping our files organized!  I have a bad habit of throwing things in a cabinet drawer and having to search for it when I need it.  So I decided that I needed to be a big girl and starting using a file cabinet. 

While thrifting about seven months ago, I know SEVEN months!  I couldn't believe it either!  If I didn't snap a picture of it on Instagram I would have thought it was only a few months ago.  I found this cute file cabinet with even cuter hardware that needed a facelift!  When I brought it home I sat it in our living room until I could find a spot for it, since I no longer have my own office.  I never used it!  I always just sit down with my laptop in the living room or in bed, while my three year old is playing.  I have to keep an eye on her!  I never know what she might get into.

Anyway, for seven months it's been sitting in the same spot and has become a side table.  It's a drop spot for our keys and should be holding our files, but it's still empty!  I decided it was time to get organized and make this appropriate for the space. 

I found some inspiration online of some other file cabinets used as side tables....

Yep, it was a keeper and for right now it will have two functions:  organization and side table duty!
I found some oops! paint at Lowes one day that I brought for a different project and changed my mind (surprise, surprise), that I decided I would use on the piece.  Everything in our house is either white or a light neutral and I wanted to incorporate some warmth into our color palette.
So lets begin this transformation....

First I removed the hardware, and painted the first coat with a brush.  No I didn't sand it!  I hate sanding or stripping furniture and I will only do it when absolutely necessary.
I used Valspar paint + primer and gave it three additional coats and it turned out amazing!
I'm in love with my oops! paint (it's a dark navy) and goes well with our neutral, bright, and airy blues and whites.

Now all I have to do is put some files in it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Design Porn Fridays - Boho Chic with Amelia Canham Eaton

You know what?

These Chicago girls really have a great since of style!  Right now I'm lusting over Amelia Canham Eaton's River North apartment.  I love that everything feels neutral, with pops of color and texture here and there which makes the space feel lively and bright!  She recently shared her kitchen renovation over on her blog, which by the way is A-MA-ZING! She did an excellent job with such a small space!  It makes me want to get on my own kitchen renovation ASAP!  So head on over to the Everygirl and checkout Amelia's chic Chicago apartment.  But before you go here is a sneak peak inside....




Isn't it just lovely!  So head on over and get some inspiration for the designer screaming inside you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Threshold and Berkus...Oh My!

I'm addicted to a few things...DIY, Starbucks, and Target!  Mind you I'm the one who use to complain about how much I hated Target and now I hit them up at least three or four times a week on my lunch break.  An excuse to get out of the office!  If you follow me on Instagram you know that last week as a definite score.  I found two gem-cut Nate Berkus lamps that were marked down from $49.99 to $7.49 and two Threshold shelves that were originally $39.99 marked down to $10.49...SCORE! 

I haven't decided where these pretty lamps are going to end up, but I can't wait to find the perfect spot and some shades for these lovelies.
I knew exactly were my glass and chrome shelves were going and while the Hubs gave Kennedy a bath, I got out my tools out and put up them up immediately.

I wanted to put them above the toilet where three lonely pictures currently were.

I did have a couple of small holes that needed to be filled and I didn't have any spackle, so I used the good ol' soap trick.....



They still need some styling, but I'm in love!