Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Create Your Own Masterpiece with Home Lighting

Good lighting is something that the vast majority of us take for granted. But you can rest assured that we'll always notice when it isn't there. Have you ever stared in wonderment at the breathtaking cinematography of Citizen Kane, Apocalypse Now, Casablanca or indeed any of the great films of the past century? Have you ever asked yourself why these films look so good, so aesthetically pleasing? Believe it or not, a large part of this is down to lighting. This is because lighting isn't simply about making things visible, it is about bringing a space to life through the intentional development of mood and atmosphere. So like the great filmmakers themselves, learn these essential techniques and make the canvas of your own home a picture to behold.

Keep it Natural

There can be no perfect substitute for the warm glow of natural light, and it should be your main source of light if possible. Of course in the Northern hemisphere, natural light is not always as plentiful as you might like. Try to allow more into your home by trimming any bushes outside your windows. Another little cheat is to use mirrors to reflect light around the room, just like in the movies!

Create Ambience
The chances are that – even if you do employ a few tricks – natural light will not be sufficient, unless of course you want to build a drab and flat aesthetic! Ambient lighting is all about compensating for the lack of natural light, without being too overbearing. Think of it as trying to create the most pleasing and natural look through artificial means. Uplighters, downlighters and wall lights will be your best friends in this department.

Accent Lighting to Finish

Provided you have effective natural and ambient light in place, accent lighting will then allow you to truly define the mood and character of your home, creating texture, focus and atmosphere. This is where you create your own Citizen Kane! Use a number of different lights here (such as halogen spotlights, tracks and downlighters) to add depth and shade to your lighting scheme. Cast shadows into some corners, whilst sending bright pools of light into others. You can highlight paintings or objects of prominence, drawing your guests in through a thoughtful, motivated and aesthetically pleasing lighting setup.

Quality Is Essential

Professional film lighting experts wouldn't be caught dead using inferior equipment. So nor should you settle for substandard bulbs when lighting your home. For the best quality long-lasting bulbs, visit Scotlight Direct and start building your own masterpiece.



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