Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4 Inexpensive Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter can be an expensive and potentially dangerous season if you’re a homeowner.  For a start, the cool temperatures can lead to snow and ice which is poses a safety hazard, but it also creates a nasty chill which can be difficult to thaw off you don’t know any good winter-proofing techniques. To stop you from wasting time searching the internet, we’ve collected some of our favorite ideas from around the internet together into this handy guide, and the best news is that all of these ideas are free, or inexpensive, so keeping your home warm and safe shouldn't be a challenge this winter.

Free Wall Cavity and Roof Insulation
This is an excellent opportunity to keep your home heated through the winter that doesn’t cost you anything.  If you are classified by the government as a low earner, you can now apply for a grant to receive free wall or roof insulation.  The scheme is subsidized by the British government, and all you need to do to see if you qualify for it is fill out this form and you’ll be able to see if you are eligible. If you are, you could save hundreds of pounds on your heating bills over the winter, and for the years to come.  It won’t apply for everybody, but for those it does apply for, it’s an excellent money-saving, energy-saving coup.

 Outdoor Winter Weather-Proofing
The walk from the pavement to your front door might be treacherous during the holiday season as a result of ice and snow on the pavement and driveway.  To prevent this from becoming a safety hazard, you could grit the surfaces you usually walk down using rock salt, readily available from a company like Milford Fencing and Paving, as this stops snow and ice from settling.  When the snow does come, you should move your car into your garage as this will prevent you having to de-ice it in the morning before work, and you should use a shovel to clear away the snow drifts.  Don’t use boiling water, as this will simply freeze and turn into dangerous ice. 

 Inexpensive Craft and DIY Projects
Inside the home, there are some simple craft and DIY projects which you can use to block drafts and raise the temperature in your rooms.  One simple thing you can make are draft excluders.  Make these by taking a pair of old trousers, cutting off the legs, stuffing them with cushion stuffing and sewing up the ends.  If you buy draft excluders in shops, they can sometimes cost tens of pounds, whereas this solution is free and has vintage style.  Another small project you can implement is to glue aluminium foil behind your radiators, as this will prevent heat from escaping through the wall, saving energy and money – costing you the price of a few sheets of tin foil.

Ultimately, winter-proofing your home doesn’t need to be expensive, and if you follow some of the above ideas, you can have a safe and warm home all the way through winter.

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