Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Create the Perfect Teen’s Bedroom

Your child is growing out of their fun and colorful room, and they want something a little more sophisticated, cool or inspirational for their bedroom. So how do you make the perfect bedroom for your young teenager? Follow this handy guide for a bedroom worth boasting about.

Do it Their Way

There’s no use redecorating if they don’t like it, is there? Their bedroom needs to be a retreat, where they can get away from nosy parents, do their homework (or not) and a place that they can express themselves. Whether they want it black or covered in football emblems, let them have their way.

Make it a scheme that will last by letting them loose on Pinterest or an interior design magazine, so they can pick colors that work together. Let them choose the entire scheme themselves and you might end up with something they’ll hate in a couple of years time.

 Be Practical
A young teenager’s bedroom needs to full fill several different needs. As young teenagers, they’ll still want to play with toys, but they will also need an area to study, to hang out with friends and to sleep. These spaces can overlap, but they all need to be there.

You’ll need to expand on your storage space, or utilize the space that you have. Replace the bed with a mid-sleeper bed from Bedz R Us  which frees up storage or play space.
Soundproofing the room is a really good idea too. A fire door and thick carpet works wonders when it comes to their loud music, staying up late and various instruments they might decide to take up.

You could even fit an en suite if you have enough room. They’re probably taking longer and longer in the bathroom, now that they’re becoming more like adults. A second bathroom for them, or for you, could mean that getting ready in the morning becomes much more efficient.

On the Cheap
You can find used furniture for nothing on the Internet, and with a little ingenuity on your part it could mean that you save lots of money. Sites like Freecycle offer second hand furniture for free, and all you have to do is pick it up and upcycle it so it looks as good as new.

Go neutral if you can’t afford a complete transformation. Instead, add personality with art or framed wallpaper, or you could even create a picture of them. Get a big picture frame and attach string from one side to the other. Then, using pegs, attach pictures, memorabilia and notes to create a cool collage that they can change as often as they like, like this one.  

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