Thursday, December 5, 2013

Revitalizing Your Home for a Quick Sale

If you want to sell your home quickly, it’s worth considering a company that specializes in speedy house sales. Quick Move Now promises to sell your house in seven days and provides a free estimating service. There are lots of reasons why you might wish to make a speedy sale, including divorce, repossession or having inherited the property. Whatever your circumstances however, there are tricks and tips for attracting the right buyer to your home.

First Impressions

The outside of your property is at least as important as the inside, particularly as it is the first thing a prospective buyer will see. A dingy front garden that hasn’t been cared for can put off a buyer before he or she has even walked through the front door. Get busy with the lawnmower and make sure the grass is neat and the bushes are trimmed. Having flowers in plant pots evokes a homely feeling and it’s also important to make sure that your house number is clearly visible. If the trim on your windows is faded, touch them up. This also goes for the front door.

Remove Distractions
Consider renting a storage unit as almost every home shows better with fewer pieces of furniture inside, making it appear larger. It’s probably a good idea to pack away your photographs, funny little knick-knacks and family heirlooms before you start conducting viewings. You don’t want to distract buyers with personal effects because it can prevent them from seeing themselves living in your property, something that is essential to making a sale. Cut down on clutter by packing up all the books from your bookshelves and clearing counters. Moving house can provide the perfect opportunity to cut down on the amount of junk you’ve acquired over the years. If you don’t use it, a charity shop is always a willing recipient. For favorite items and furnishings, remove them before you open the house for viewings. This means that buyers won’t get disappointed when they move in and realize that the gorgeous curtains or light fittings are no longer there.

Making Repairs
Do you want buyers to be put off your property because they think there’s too much work to be done to it? Avoid this by making as many minor repairs as possible. Holes in the walls should be patched, cracked tiles (floor or counter) replaced, leaking taps fixed and doors that don’t close should be sorted before viewings. Even small things like replacing light bulbs or worn bedspreads can make a big difference. Cleanliness is also important and some sellers like to have their properties professionally cleaned before they are ready for viewings. You can of course do this yourself, but make sure all the basics are covered:

  •  Sweep patio and front steps
  • Wash windows on both sides
  • Clean oven and refrigerator
  • Polish chrome and mirrors
  • Vacuum each day and hang fresh towels
  • Dust all furniture and light fittings
  • Bleach grout that has become discolored
  • Wax wooden floors
Remember to spend some time looking at your house from the outside and from the doorway of each room. Imagine you are a potential buyer and notice your own reactions.


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