Monday, December 16, 2013

The 3 Best Cities in the North of England to Raise a Family

Whether you’re looking to relocate up north or you’re simply looking for somewhere safe to settle down and raise a family, the north of England has a lot to offer.  From its award-winning scenery, more affordable prices and local charm, there are infinite reasons why you might want to get your next home in the north, and there are plenty of cities to choose from.  So here are our top 3 cities in the north of England to raise a family.

Manchester earns its place on this list for its incredible city centre.  The centre of Manchester is a large, bustling metropolitan environment with an affordable, expansive tram system that can help you get in and out of the centre with ease.  It also means that you won’t necessarily need to buy a large car to get you and your kids into town – instead, you just have to hop on the tram and you can be in the thick of it in minutes – the perfect environment for any modern British family. 

Many people are surprised to know that Leeds is the 3rd largest city in the UK, and if you’re looking for a great place to bring up your kids, there are very few places better than Leeds.  One of the best thing about the city is that although the centre is a bustling metropolis like Manchester’s, it is surrounded by the Yorkshire Dales, and it has its very own three peaks hiking challenge, too. This means that you and your family can have a healthy blend of city life and the wilderness and beauty of nature, all within half an hour’s drive or train journey. 

Newcastle is the city which takes the top spot in this run-down of places to bring up your kids. Housing is extremely affordable, it’s surprisingly safe, the scenery is beautiful, and the nightlife and cultural scene is fantastic, with art galleries such as the Baltic and music venues such as the Sage setting the city apart from all others. On top of that, the city benefits from a fantastic metro system which is affordable and far-reaching and you can get to the beach from Newcastle city centre in just half an hour. 

So there you have it, our top 3 places to bring up your kids. So pick which one you think you might want to move to, and check out some houses on an online estate agents like Rite Home Estate Agents – you might be lucky and find your new family home.    

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