Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2 Ways You Can Recycle Your Green Waste And Soil

Everybody should be doing their part for the environment. And for most of us, the best thing we can do is recycle, recycle and recycle some more. Some companies have started recycling soil to save it from being dumped in tips, and you can do the same in your garden too. There are 2 ways you can recycle your green waste and soil in your garden: composing and mulching. In what follows, we’ll explain what each is about.

Most of the green waste from your garden, and organic matter from your kitchen can be mixed in with your soil (in the form of compost) to provide a more fertile base for your plants and trees to grow. Compost helps your garden grow stronger and healthier, and helps the soil stay in place – especially helpful in torrential down pours. Indeed, garden soil in Melbourne can easily be washed away during a heavy storm, and you’ll want to prevent this from ever happening to your garden. So make sure you compost and help your garden retain its beauty.

Using your green waste and soil in your mulch can work wonders for your garden. Sufficient mulching helps your garden retain more water (thus helping it become more sustainable and more drought resistant) and improves its overall health and vitality. Make sure you use at least 3-4 inches of mulch on your garden beds and around your plants and trees. Fallen leaves and twigs are especially useful in a mulch; however, grass clippings are not. They can smother the soil, and block the passage of oxygen into the deeper soil. Same goes for weeds. These pesky plant critters can be a real nightmare for any garden.

Most of the organic material that comes out of your kitchen, or that can be found in your yard can be recycled and put to good use in your garden. Use them in your compost and mulch and create the ideal backyard escape for you and your family.

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