Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Guide to Furniture Styles

What kind of person are you? Modern? Trendy? Traditional? Your own personality and taste will go a long way towards dictating the style of your home and the furniture within it. But for a little background information and help in defining your personal aesthetic at home, read on for a definition of the primary styles of furniture.


You could say that nothing evokes homeliness like traditional furniture designs. With patterned fabrics and rich solid woods such as mahogany, oak and cherry, traditional furniture has a warmth and cosiness that guarantees both comfort and stylistic continuity. Traditional furniture pieces such as sofas and tables can be very sizeable though. So you'll want to ensure you don't overdo it in small spaces, or the room could become slightly crowded, stuffy or claustrophobic.


Many people would assume classic and traditional furniture to be one and the same, but they aren't. Whereas traditional furniture may be 'classic' in style, classic furniture is called so because it hails from a classic period in history. For example, some of the key periods are Victorian, Georgian, Tudor and French Provincial. Though classic furniture shares some similarities with traditional (mostly the solid woods used), the ornate decorations and even richer woods define classic furniture as a style even more luxurious than traditional pieces.


Again, you could be forgiven for thinking that 'modern' meant the same as contemporary. But in fact modern refers to most (but not all) furniture designed in Europe or The Unites States after the Second World War. Don't expect to see many curves or unusual patterns in modern furniture; simplicity, sleekness and functionality are key to this style.


Contemporary basically means anything that is currently in fashion today. Much like modern d├ęcor, contemporary furniture at present is very sleek, with straight, geometric lines. It prides itself on simplicity; plain glass, metal and smooth woods are essential materials that dominate contemporary styles today. Whilst you could argue that homeliness is to an extent sacrificed in contemporary furniture, many homes will address this with a good balance of both contemporary and classic designs.

Go Your Own Way

Furniture – like anything – is entirely subjective. One person's idea of stylistic nirvana may be someone else's idea of a car wreck, so there is no real right and wrong. But there are distinct styles that you can mix and match according to your own aesthetic persuasions, all of which are well-represented online at sites such as The Trade Furniture Company.



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