Friday, March 7, 2014

Making your Bedroom your own Personal Haven

Your bedroom is your own personal haven which you need to spend some time and effort into making perfect, and this is so that it is a space in which you can completely unwind and relax. This room is possibly the most important one to you in the whole world, so this means that it needs to be somewhere you take pride in and do all you can to ensure that it looks fantastic and is a reflection of your personality. It is very easy to make a mistake when decorating and furnishing your bedroom, but with a few tips you should be able to get it just right and ensure that you will feel completely at ease whenever you are there and effortlessly be able to drift off to sleep at night.

It will depend on the size but you do not want to have too much in this room, so the furniture will include your bed, a bedside table, wardrobe, lamp, mirror and not too much else. It is wise to avoid having televisions and computers in your bedroom, as these can be distracting and lead to sleepless nights from staring at a screen for hours on end. It is also wise to not have too much clutter, as clutter can lead directly to stress which is of course the opposite of what you want to be feeling in this room, and you can avoid this by having decent storage containers set up somewhere in the bedroom.

Picking Wall Color and the Perfect Bed frame

When it comes to the walls and floor you will want it to reflect your personality without being too loud, so neutral colors are always a good choice with perhaps some of your favorite artwork on the walls, this way the room will not be too intense and distracting. The biggest and most important choice in the bedroom though will be your bed, and you will want a top quality frame which also has some style too. Oak beds are well known to be the best, and when you visit a wooden furniture specialist like Fortune Woods you will get the widest choice. Your bed frame will directly determine how good your sleep is, so be sure to pick one that is top quality, big enough and also has a headboard that suits the interior design style that you have in this room.

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