Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Selecting the Right Invisible Dog Fence for Your Yard

If you’ve looked into getting an invisible dog fence for your yard, you’ve found that there are many different options to choose from. This quick guide will point out some of the features that are most important for you to consider to ensure you get the best dog fence for your situation.

Why Use an Invisible Fence?
Reliable Containment: Some dogs have a strong desire to get out into the great, wide world beyond their yard - and they’ll do whatever it takes to get past a traditional fence. These escape artists are often better contained by an invisible dog fence. When your dog gets close to the boundary line, their e-collar will let out warning beeps, followed by a mild, static shock if the dog continues approaching the perimeter. This deters dogs so they’re unable to get close enough to dig under or jump over the fence line.

Unobstructed View: Fence choice can also be a matter of style. If you have a housing authority that prohibits fences, an invisible dog fence is the safest way to contain your dog and follow the rules. If you have a gorgeous view of a waterfront, golf course, or mountain, for example, you may not want to place a fence that would mar your view of the landscape.

Inexpensive: Traditional fences can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install. A DIY electric dog fence, on the other hand, can cost less than $300 total. Even with more expensive systems, invisible dog fences are usually more than 80 percent less expensive than traditional fences. Installing your own dog fence will also save you more than $1200 on installation fees. If your budget is modest, you can still have a secure area for your dog.

Features You Must Consider

When selecting an electronic dog fence system, there are many different features to keep in mind. Different systems have different specifications, and it’s very important to select a dog fence system that’s appropriate for your yard and your dogs.

Size of Yard: Some electronic dog fences can secure up to 100 acres of property. It’s best, however, to choose a system that has a maximum size capacity that’s only slightly more than the size of your yard. Most electronic dog fence systems come with 500 feet of wire to start. You’ll need to know the size of your yard so you can purchase the correct amount of extra wire.

Number of Dogs: If you have more than one dog, you need to make sure you buy a system that can support the necessary number of e-collars. Some systems can support an unlimited number of dogs, and others can only support one or two. The limit is important to consider, especially if there’s a chance you may get more dogs in the future.

Size of Dogs: Small and large dogs need different levels of correction, which is why most e-collars have several settings. They also make specialized e-collars for dogs that are extremely small or large, but these specialized e-collars aren’t compatible with all dog fence systems. You must determine the range of correction levels your dogs will need, and you’ll need to find out the weight limits for the e-collars that go with each system.
Power Sources
            -Main System: A nearby electrical outlet is required to power your dog fence. If your power often goes out, due to storms, for example, you may want to get a system that has battery backup. You can also purchase solar panels to power your dog fence if no outlet is convenient.
            -E-Collars: E-collar batteries need to be changed 2-4 times per year, and they are inexpensive. There are also rechargeable e-collars, which are generally preferred.

Wired or Wireless: Wireless systems are extremely simple to install and portable, but they are more expensive, and most do not have the capacity of more than an acre. Over larger areas they tend to be less reliable, so a wired system is better for a farm or ranch. Your wireless dog fence might not support more than two e-collars, so these are all limitations to keep in mind.

Comparing Invisible Fences
Invisible fence reviews are extremely helpful for comparing and contrasting different features. Online customer reviews are also helpful for evaluating how a particular dog fence may or may not work for your yard or your dog. You may also want to read over the manufacturer's instructions so you can get an idea of what goes into installing a dog fence, as well as what the training process for your dog is like. No matter which dog fence system you choose, training your dog is always the most important step of the installation process.
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