Friday, September 16, 2016

Welcome to HMH Designs + Blog

PHEW!  It's been nearly a year since our last blog post and boy things have changed!  We've slowed down on our home projects because we want things to happen organically, instead of rushing to find a new project to share and then it's not something we want to live with long term.  Also, we started making custom furniture and it really took off, but my husband's heart wasn't in it.  Which was a surprise because business was good and it gave him the freedom he had been looking for, but you can't force something that's not there so we just stopped taking orders....literally just STOPPED!  I was so upset that I stopped responding to all of the emails I received for new orders because my dream for us was shut down and the money right along with it.

After some deep conversations about what our long term goals were with the business, the blog, and the lifestyle that we want to live he has had a change of heart and we are now accepting new orders.  I can't even express in words how happy my heart is.

Now it is extremely important for our business and the blog to be repackaged into something that better represents our brand. So be on the lookout for some changes on the blog.  Not much will change except hopefully you will see more from us moving forward and you'll get a better site to browse.

I'm excited about this new chapter in our life!  Thanks again for reading and being apart of this milestone.


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