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Hi there!  I am thrilled to share that HMH is now offering e-Design services.  We will offer customized 3D design packages based on your needs, style, and budget.  The best part about e-Designs is the ability to have a designer/client relationship from anywhere in the world.  As the e-Design client you will be able to build your room over time, and when your budget permits.  You will have a full design ready whenever you are!  All components will be sent via and easy, but never short on style!

What sets HMH apart from other e-Designs?

HMH will offer 3D designs of your space, unlike other e-Designs that only offer an inspiration board.  You will start by sending me several pictures of your room along with dimensions, and we will transform your space complete with paint, furniture, art and accessories.  I will also include a product source list and space plan.  It will be everything that you need to style your space without me actually being there! 

What will be included in my e-Design Package?

Your personalized design package will include the following:

  • 3D design of your space, which will include everything that you need to give your room a fresh new look.
  • A detailed source list of all products included in your 3D design.
  • One revision after design plan is provided.
$100 (per room)

 Alternative Services

Inspiration Mood Board.  HMH Design can provide you with a starting point for your space.  We'll provide inspiration images to give you the overall feel of your new space. // $50

Wyatt Residence

So, whether you just have a few questions on design, or looking for a major change, HMH can accommodate you and work together on a package that best meets your needs! I look forward to working with you and transforming your House into a Home! 

To get started, simply email me at We can discuss exactly what you are looking for and any questions that you may have.

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