My husband and I started this blog to share my DIY stories - the good, the bad, and the ugly as we turn our house into a home.  We purchased a 1,800 sq. ft. bungalow built in 2011, which was love at first sight!  I always wanted a home with a crepe myrtle in the front yard {yep a tree is what sold this house} and when I saw the small pink flowers I felt butterflies in my stomach.  The house was everything we could imagine {minus a basement and garage, but I have to save something for my next house - right?!?}  Open floor plan, four bedrooms and we were only really looking for three, master bedroom on the first floor {which I L.O.V.E}, two full baths, one half bath, decent size fenced in yard and a deck with a great view.

So why all the DIY?  Well....why not?! One of the negatives of purchasing new construction is that everything is sorta what they call builder's grade.  The home is nice with some extras, but far from custom and I like CUSTOM.  I want everything perfect and I want it NOW!  So, as long as my husband and I roll up our sleeves from time to time for some DIY{ing} we can make that happen, without paying someone a fortune for something we can do ourselves!

So that's the story of how the House Made Home got started and now I'm addicted to painting, sanding, pinning reminders of what I need to do next thanks to Pinterest, and dreaming of what new project to blog about next.

So check out what we've been up to and all of our other DIY 'ish!



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